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This is a placeholder for the soon to be released Nextcloud charm.

Run large scale, production ready Nextcloud - with total, unconditional control over your data.

Full disclosure: This is work in progress, soon to be released.


Level Path Navlink
1 Supported Nextcloud Supported Nextcloud
1 Select cloud backend Cloud backends
1 Installation Installation
2 Nextcloud and database Nextcloud and database
2 haproxy+ssl haproxy and ssl
2 Redis Redis
2 Primary storage Primary storage
2 Initial configuration Initial configuration
1 php and file upload size php and file upload size
1 Upgrading Upgrading
1 Scaling and High availability Scaling and High availability
1 Backup & Restore Backup & Restore
1 Security Security
1 Day to Day operations Day to Day operations


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hey @erik-lonroth, do you know if the folks over at NextCloud have helped with the charm or know about it yet?

Totally @rhys-the-davies - they are very much involved in this actually. We have actually a network of partners working with different pieces of this at the moment, both from a Nextcloud perspective and from a Juju perspective and also from a legal and business perspective.

This is also why we are delaying the release somewhat to arrange with details regarding who-does-what in that equation.

We are ready to take on customers on this stack very soon.


That’s awesome, thought I’d check, thanks @erik-lonroth :blush:

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@rhys-the-davies - glad you asked. Its exciting really to soon be able to release something here. We are about to demo this for Nextcloud senior and lead developers hopefully in a short while to discuss more on it.

We love to discuss this also with Canonical as how to make sure the community can get access while we still make sure we safeguard the business side of this. Its a balance that need to be made here which we are working on.


Totally, this is particularly exciting I think because Nextcloud is a well-known brand and, in my experience, has always been very approachable and straightforward to get set up, assuming this is the case for the charm I can see myself using this regularly myself.

Neat. It says Canonical staff on my profile but I’m not part of those discussions, I’m more just here because @pedroleaoc made it sound interesting :sweat_smile: I really hope you find that balance :blush:

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This is true to some extent. It depends on if you intend to use it for a small set of users or in a non-critical context. The situation changes alot when you reach some degree of operational criticality or scale of your Nextcloud.

The charm we are about to release will take you a long way and covers alot of best practices and operational know-how which we work with experts on Nextcloud to achieve. We have the ambition to be the best and most professional deployment of Nextcloud across the board and have secured the needed support for that to happen.

The balance is how to safeguard that the work we do to maintain it, is sustainable in terms of economy and direction. Along with our desire to also make it available to the community in a true open source way.

We will find that balance somehow.

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