Nextcloud docs - initial configuration

Nextcloud needs to know how it should present itself to the outside world.

Since we have a haproxy and ssl-termination in front of it, we need to configure nextcloud with its external FQDN (domain name) and that it should set the overwriteprotocol to HTTPS.

juju config nextcloud fqdn=""
juju config nextcloud overwriteprotocol=https

Performance tuning

Nextcloud will as part of the initial setup ask for generic optimization. The charm provides actions that performs this.

  • add-missing-indices
  • convert-filecache-bigint

You should run those with “juju run-action”. Some of the actions will temporarily place the site in maintenance but this is only needed once.

juju run-action nextcloud/0 add-missing-indices --wait
juju run-action nextcloud/0 convert-filecache-bigint --wait