Nextcloud docs - upgrading

Upgrading a Nextcloud deployment can be divided in four categories:

  • Juju infrastructure upgrade
  • OS (series) upgrade
  • Charm upgrade
  • Nextcloud (service) upgrade

Juju infrastructure upgrade

Juju is upgraded normally by controller or model upgrades.

Follow the upgrade process of Juju for controller and model upgrade.

juju upgrade controller

juju upgrade model

Neither of these will affect Nextcloud.

Charm upgrade

Upgrading the juju charm is straight forward and will pull the latest version for your tracked channel (normally the stable version):

juju upgrade-charm nextcloud

This will get the latest stable nextcloud charm from and will
not disturb or alter a running Nextcloud operation.

Nextcloud upgrade

Upgrading nextcloud to a new release is done by:

juju config nextcloud-source="http://nextcloud.tar.gz"
juju run-action nextcloud/0 upgrade --wait

This will put the site in maintenance while the upgrade takes place.

Series (operating system) upgrade

Upgrading the operating system for Nextcloud typically will affect
all components Nextcloud depends on. Apache webserver, php etc.

For this scenario, we recommend a redeploy.