Nextcloud docs - php and file upload size

The charm allows for some settings for php. The most usual scenario is to allow for larger file uploads.

This is completely site dependent, but this is an example for allowing 2G file uploads.

juju config nextcloud php_upload_max_filesize=2G
juju config nextcloud php_post_max_size=2G
juju config nextcloud php_memory_limit=2G

There are a few more config settings in the charm that affects how nextcloud manages up/downloads which you might want to check.

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Hi @erik-lonroth Could you help me with this? Nextcloud’s PHP is at the default setting, php_upload_max_filesize=512M . However, I cannot upload files larger than 1MB. I’m in this environment: Microk8s, Nginx Ingress, OpenEBS-cStor. I believe the problem is with Kubernetes and not with the Nextcloud configuration, as the changes to increase or decrease the size of the files are set correctly. What do you recommend I can do to resolve this? I’m not running your Nextcloud deploy because I still don’t know how to configure the bundle to setup the volume and other settings. And also because when I work with juju, the settings don’t appear in the Kubernetes Dashboard, and it’s as if they don’t exist inside Microk8s. I appreciate if you can help me. Greetings

Hello @penacleiton

I wouldn’t know exactly since I am not sure exactly your setup.

But php settings needs to align with the other components you use for uploads such as load balancers, reverse proxies etc.

The bundle we develop takes care of all that.

May I ask what your context is? Is it for personal use?

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Thank you so much for your answer, @erik-lonroth ! I have a small marketing company and we are trying to migrate from docker to Kubernetes, in production. But, I would also like to start with CI/CD. I’m thinking of staying with Microk8s on AWS, initially with three nodes. I plan on moving to private cloud in the next 12 to 15 months. I’m still going to buy the equipment. When that happens, I think about migrating to Charm. We’ve had Nextcloud on docker/EC2/Aws in production for 3 years now, and everything is going well. In Kubernetes I have already very smoothly uploaded your project. It’s great. But, it’s not for production and I still haven’t learned how to deal with the construction of the bundle and its great possibilities. Among them I would like to use Openebs cStor, instead of Postgres I wanted MariaDb which is suggested by the Nextcloud documentation, and also decide which version of Nextcloud. All this I can do with other tutorials where each yaml is clearly defined and customizable. I would like to see your project deploy within the framework of Dashboard Kubernetes or Portainer, but nothing appears there, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. I’m trying to use Traefik ingress instead of Ngix to see if I can solve the upload limit issue. I’ll see if anything changes. But, on top of that, the Nextcloud/MariaDb application is running very cool. Sorry for the long text. I know you’re too busy. Success to you.