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For more information on Redis and PostgreSQL relations see this section.

For details on configuration options, see this page.

Contributing to this documentation

Documentation is an important part of this project, and we take the same open-source approach to the documentation as the code. As such, we welcome community contributions, suggestions and constructive feedback on our documentation. Our documentation is hosted on the Charmhub forum to enable easy collaboration. Please use the “Help us improve this documentation” links on each documentation page to either directly change something you see that’s wrong, ask a question, or make a suggestion about a potential change via the comments section.

If there’s a particular area of documentation that you’d like to see that’s missing, please file a bug.

In this documentation

Get started - a hands-on introduction to using the Charmed Discourse operator for new users
How-to guides
Step-by-step guides covering key operations and common tasks
Technical information - specifications, APIs, architecture
Concepts - discussion and clarification of key topics


Level Path Navlink
1 Tutorial Tutorial
2 getting-started Getting Started
1 How To How to
2 container-configuration Configure the container
2 contributing Contribute
2 hostname-configuration Configure the hostname
2 s3-configuration Configure S3
2 saml-configuration Configure SAML
2 smtp-configuration Configure SMTP
2 upgrades Upgrade
1 Reference Reference
2 actions Actions
2 configurations Configurations
2 integrations Integrations
1 Explanation Explanation
2 explanation-charm-architecture Charm Architecture