Canonical data solutions documentation

Canonical’s data solutions are a comprehensive offering for reliable data processing at any scale. It delivers advanced, reliable automation to deploy, integrate and operate data intensive systems directly on popular cloud IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) and on Kubernetes.

The solutions offer flexible support for your database servers and other enablers, with up to 10 years of software maintenance and break-fix support on selected releases.

Charmed MySQL
Deploy and operate the MySQL relational database:
Charmed PostgreSQL
Deploy and operate the PostgreSQL relational database:
Charmed OpenSearch
Deploy and operate OpenSearch to search, visualize, and analyse data:
Charmed MongoDB
Deploy and operate the popular NoSQL document database application:
Charmed Spark
Deploy and operate Apache Spark® on Kubernetes for data engineering and machine learning at scale:
Charmed Kafka
Deploy, operate and use the distributed message brokerdata processing engine Apache Kafka®:


Level Path Navlink
1 mysql Charmed MySQL
2 mysql/iaas MySQL on IAAS
2 mysql/k8s MySQL on K8s
1 postgresql Charmed PostgreSQL
2 postgresql/iaas PostgreSQL on IAAS
2 postgresql/k8s PostgreSQL on K8s
1 opensearch Charmed OpenSearch
2 opensearch/iaas OpenSearch on IAAS
1 mongodb Charmed MongoDB
2 mongodb/iaas MongoDB on IAAS
2 mongodb/k8s MongoDB on K8s
1 spark/k8s Charmed Spark
2 spark/k8s Spark on K8s
1 kafka Charmed Kafka
2 kafka/iaas Kafka on IAAS
2 kafka/k8s Kafka on K8s


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