Workshop: Teodoras attempts at improving Juju docs & how you can help

Join a Juju community workshop, this time featuring @tmihoc who is Wizard of Docs for the juju project.

Friday: 15:th october 2021

Time: 09:00-10:30AM UTC.

Link to google meeting:

Any beginner to Juju should be able to join and getting to know the docs is super key to learning Juju.

This time will be less of a programming skill, but still a chance to make an impact and connect with more Juju folks.

Promise from @tmihoc: By the end of this session you will learn that form is meaning and, more importantly, to trust your instincts.

See you there!


Great! See you there :slight_smile:


Same time and place tomorrow folks?

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Absolutely, I’ll post soon.

Here it is! [community workshop] Getting started with juju *again*