[community workshop] Getting started with juju *again*

Join another community session on getting started with Juju and meet with the community

This is a repetition of an already massively cool, successful, fun, unicorn & popular workshop for beginners - brought to you by me and other fanatics of Juju!

Friday October 22:st 2021 I’ll be hosting a workshop to get started with Juju. Time: 09:00AM UTC. Link to google meeting: https://meet.google.com/qtd-vyye-ksq

I’ve been using Juju for years and hosted lots of on-boarding sessions. I’m happy to share my experiences with you and hopefully learn something myself.

This is what we’ll cover:

  • Learn about Juju itself (client, controller, cloud)
  • Learn about spawning cloud server instances in a model with juju.
  • Learn how to deploy a simple charm and interact with it.
  • Learn how to share models.
  • Learn how to clean up your server resources in the cloud.

You should prepare 2 things BEFORE the workshop or you won’t be able to follow:

  1. Setup your juju client and connect to a cloud. Here are instructions for two public clouds:

    AWS -> https://juju.is/docs/olm/credentials Google -> Juju | How to use Google GCE with Juju

  2. Create a Ubuntu one account: https://login.ubuntu.com/ which is needed to deploy publicly available charms from charmstore.io

Using your own private cloud (lxd, vshpere, maas or openstack) is of course cool.

I will not cover Juju and Kubernetes (k8).

Please ping me if you intend to join so that I know if I got a crowd or not.


I really enjoyed it the first time around and I’m sure I’ll have lots to learn if I attend a second time too. Count me in!