Beginner workshop - Intro to charms

Friday October 8:th 2021

I’ll be hosting another workshop to get started with Juju charms.

Time: 09:00-10:30AM UTC.

Link to google meeting:

Any beginner to Juju should be able to join.

This is what we’ll cover in 1h 30 minutes + Social:

We will try to follow generally this documentation, but I’ll guide you through it since its not up to date.

You should prepare 2 things BEFORE the workshop or you won’t be able to follow:

  1. Setup your juju client and connect to a cloud. Here are instructions for two public clouds:AWS -> Google -> Juju | Google Compute Engine (GCE)
  2. Create a Ubuntu one account: which is needed to deploy publicly available charms from

Using your own private cloud (lxd, vshpere, maas or openstack) is of course cool.

I will not cover Juju and Kubernetes (k8).

Please ping me if you intend to join so that I know if I got a crowd or not.


I’ll be there!

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PS Wanted to highlight LXD as an especially quick and easy way to get a cloud on your local machine. PPS If you get an error in the bootstrap phase, that could be because of your firewall, if it’s enabled. The fix is to set up a rule to allow traffic to 8443. (Thanks to @manadart for helping me figure this out!)


Bring a friend!

I just started using Juju and will attend the workshop.


That’s amazing! I will do my best to make it worth your while! Remember to try set up your workbench as described.

We also Join again!

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Will be there too, thanks!


Next workshop is up on friday! Workshop: Teodoras attempts at improving Juju docs & how you can help