SDK How-to guides

Step-by-step guides covering key operations and common tasks related to the Charm SDK

Add the following next to “Document your library”?

Document your charm

BTW is the linking to charmhub instead of intentional?

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Hi @sed-i! Thanks for your feedback—I’ll make them adjacent. Note 1: I’m not sure that doc should be called “How to document your charm”, because it doesn’t really discuss that; rather, only the mechanics of how to add documentation on Charmhub. Note 2: This is very much work in progress. There’s lots that will be moved around in the days to come. Note 3: Yes, linking to was on purpose, as the idea is to keep all documentation together under Of course, the formatting is still for, so that poses a small challenge. I’ll probably create a copy without that formatting, and then add a note in the tutorials doc to link to that.

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The “Write functional tests for charm libraries using Scenario” link goes to the Discourse topic rather than the page (which also seems to not exist - I assume it’s the same issue). I’m not sure how to fix this myself, sorry.