My docs seems to have disapeared

I’ve added significant amount of documentation to the nextcloud charm Deploy Nextcloud using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection

But after my latest “charmcraft upload/release” all docs seems to have gone away from charmhub which somehow should link back to discourse…

What’s happened and how can I get my docs back for the charm?

@tmihoc can you ask what has happened?

Hi Erik, I’m sure they’re not lost, just probably not listed properly. Will look into it and get back to you asap.

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Just to update this here also: @jameinel has filed a bug about this here: .

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I’m not so worried. I keep a copy in my repo. But it is a challenge to keep the documentation alive with the current setup.

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I believe it is just a rendering failure, as I see the documentation is still in discourse. It is just that is not getting the cross linking correct. Nextcloud docs - index still links to Nextcloud docs - support etc.


Any chance to get this fixed soon? I was about to run a workshop today based on this =/

So the issue appears to be that the most recent version of your charm as published to charmhub no longer has:


In its metadata.yaml. You need that linkage so that knows what docs to render.

(Juju | How to document charms has the information about how to link your documentation so that will include it)


@jameinel Oh shit! Thanx alot for this!!! :pray: