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Loki Operator for K8s


The Loki operator provides an open-source fully featured logging stack. This is a Juju Charm for deploying Grafana Loki on Kubernetes clusters.


Create a Juju model for your operators, say “loki-k8s”

    juju add-model lma

The Loki Operator may be deployed using the Juju command line

    juju deploy loki-k8s

If required, you can remove the deployment completely:

    juju destroy-model -y loki-k8s --no-wait --force --destroy-storage

Note the --destroy-storage will delete any data stored by Loki in its persistent store.


Currently supported relations are:

  • Grafana aggregates logs obtained by Loki and provides a versatile dashboard to view these logs in configurable ways. Loki relates to Grafana over the grafana_datasource interface.
  • Alertmanager receives alerts from Loki, aggregates and deduplicates them, then forwards them to specified targets. Loki relates to Alertmanager over the alertmanager_dispatch interface.
  • In addition, this Loki charm allows relations with any charm that supports the loki_push_api relation interface.

OCI Images

This charm by default uses the latest stable version of the grafana/loki image.


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