Juju Lens: Juju GUI Prototype/Mock-up

Update: Juju lens has since upgraded to a fully functioning Juju GUI that you can connect to your own controllers with no need to host the GUI yourself: Juju Lens: a new Juju GUI You Don’t Have to Deploy.

Hey everybody! In the last week or so, we at Katharos Technology have been putting together a new Juju GUI design mock-up we’re calling Juju Lens, and we just got it ready enough to announce!

Juju Lens is a “living wireframe” so to speak that you can test in your browser window without actually connecting to a Juju controller. Interactions have been faked to make it feel a little more real and give an impression of what it would act like if it were actually hooked up to the Juju API.

There’s a lot that isn’t finished yet and a set of the buttons don’t do anything yet, but we’ve gotten a good portion of the concept there. We’re hoping that this design concept can give an idea of our “dream” Juju GUI and can serve as a platform to experiment with the Juju GUI user experience.

Here’s the link to the demo: https://katharostech.github.io/juju-lens

And the source on GitHub: https://github.com/katharostech/juju-lens

@gomboli It would be great if you and your team could take a look. :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots, but if a picture is worth 1,000 words then an interactive demo is worth 1,000 pictures, so definitely try it out. Nothing other than a browser window is required! :smile:

Model and application view:

With embedded terminal:

Unit “dot” context menus and tooltips:

Persistent floating windows and taskbar for unit shells and logs:

Auto expand taskbar:

Dark theme:

Flexible terminal/log window layout:

Notification menu that brings you right to where the problems are with a click:

Controller View:

Controller filter dropdown:

Ridiculously mobile optimized:


Hey @zicklag, was nice talking with you and the rest of Katharos Technology the other day. And thank you for this prototype! This is, of course, way beyond the ‘feedback’ territory :slight_smile:
We all really value the work you did here.

The team discussed the prototype today and we would like to take some time to go through the functionality and dig more in detail.

We have already scheduled a team-workshop to do this, and then put together a document/board to present back to you. We would then schedule another meeting to discuss it and take it from there. What do you think?

We opened a new category here on Juju Discourse, focused on UX & Design:
I moved your post with the prototype in there to keep track of the discussion.

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That sounds great! :+1:

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You guys are awesome :slight_smile:


very very nice…fantastic

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Thanks @riccardo-magrini! If you have ideas or suggestions feel free to mention them here or in a GitHub issue. We’re able to work changes in rather rapidly and have been incorporating many of the feedback and ideas we have been getting from @danhaws. Let us know if there is anything about it that bugs you about it. We really want to get rid of those!

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