JAAS Dashboard, the new Juju GUI

JAAS Dashboard, the new Juju GUI

The Juju UI team who previously developed and maintained the Juju GUI have taken a measured shift in direction.

The GUI had many features from a drag-and-drop relation creation, unit placement, etc. which the team were proud to demonstrate and show off the power of the UI. Unfortunately, the usage of these features was limited in practice and in truth, a lot of these features were achievable easily via the CLI.

What is the JAAS Dashboard

The JAAS dashboard is a brand-new UI. Built from the ground up to provide only the best features a UI can provide over the CLI. The idea is to aid users of Juju instead of providing another way of using the Juju tool and ecosystem.

The main view is the model list which provides an at a glance overview of the status of your systems. This is something the CLI cannot provide without switching between models and collecting their status, an experience especially tailored for enterprises.

The model view is a super-powered status output with advanced filtering capabilities and errors being surfaced in real-time. We also included a slimmed-down version of the visual topology representation of your environments.

The dashboard still provides you with a way to interact with your systems via a fully-featured web CLI. When viewing any model you are automatically given access to the CLI, accessible via a full-width panel at the bottom of the page. Allowing you to run any Juju commands you have access to within that model.

Watch this space

The Juju UI team are rapidly working on improvements and new features. Maintaining the mantra to provide features that are complementary to the awesome Juju tool. With the help from our friends working on Juju, we aim to make the dashboard a first-class citizen within Juju and its ecosystem.

Try it out and please provide us with feedback:
JAAS Dashboard

Provide feedback here on Discourse or report a bug

The team: @anthonydillon @hatch @barry-mcgee @cristinadresch @ziheliu214 @gomboli


Is Juju as deployed from the latest CLI still using the old GUI so far?

Yep <2.8 will only have the old GUI, 2.8+ will also have the new dashboard.

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great JAAS dashboard!


when will it be available it on Ubuntu 20.04 and JUJU controller? :wink::wink:

$:juju gui
ERROR Juju GUI is not available: Juju GUI not found

you/we have to find a solution to deploy the charm or bundle without to wait someones create them for the new release of Ubuntu… :wink::wink: I think that it would be a fantastic step forward and JAAS 'n JUJU could be a great solution to deploy apps… go go go

This issue should be resolved now if you re-bootstrap your 2.7.x controller.

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a question… but exist a way to re-bootstrap a controller without to remove anything (ex. models) ? Or I’ve to remove all and rebuild tha new?

If you could create a new topic outlining what your issue/goals are we could better answer that question…Depending on what your goals are you may or may not be able to do what you’re asking :slight_smile:


ok I’ll do that. It was only an my doubt about what you said me

“This issue should be resolved now if you re-bootstrap your 2.7.x controller.”

I was thinking if in an environment already in working it’s possible to re-bootstrap a controller and update that.

Oh sorry I misunderstood…

To get the GUI you don’t need to re-bootstrap your controller. You simply need to download the tarball from https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/releases/download/2.15.0/jujugui-2.15.0.tar.bz2 and then run juju upgrade-gui jujugui-2.15.0.tar.bz2.

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so the Gui is an additional “module” for the controller… I thought that is already present in the controller. Anyway, I saw that link and using:

$:juju upgrade-gui
fetching Juju GUI archive
uploading Juju GUI 2.15.3
upload completed
Juju GUI switched to version 2.15.3


$:juju gui
GUI 2.15.3 for model "admin/web" is enabled at:
Your login credential is:
  username: admin
  password: 73b5dfcefe3d15dcc525143832b20565

$:juju version 


Yeah it’s supposed to be automatically downloaded when you bootstrap but because of that temporary issue it wasn’t available.


I’m a bit confused

I just bootstrapped a 2.8-rc1 controller to test drive the new dashboard, but I see the GUI is the same.
Did I miss the boat on something?

Nope, it hasn’t quite made it into the RC build yet…in fact I’m just doing the QA on it now :smiley:

I’ve deployed the Juju 2.8 release candidate on a test server using the LXD cloud and running juju gui shows the new Juju dashboard. Is there a way to also deploy the old Juju GUI so that I can compare them side-by-side?

We’ve removed the ability to serve the GUI from Juju in 2.8 but if you wanted to still use the old GUI…

  • It’s still running at jujucharms.com/new.
  • You can bootstrap a controller using Juju 2.7.
  • You can build it from source and run it in development mode pointing at your 2.8 controller. I could put together a set of instructions on doing so if you would like?

It shouldn’t be too difficult for me to run it from Juju 2.7 so I think I’ll do that. Thanks!

A new beta version has been released. You can give it a try by running juju upgrade-dashboard && juju dashboard. It resolves a number of bugs and UI issues.

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Just a correction here - if you have upgraded from 2.7 and the old GUI was being used, Juju 2.8 will continue to serve that GUI until such time as it is upgraded to the new dashboard.


What is the point of the new Dashboard?
I was really excited to give it a try, but it’s kinda hard to give feedback when it feels like a big step backward.

  • The in browser cli doesn’t exist (yet)
  • The super-powered status output is exactly what the cli provides.
  • Clicking on the app or unit in the status output simply takes you to the charmed store, I was expecting to see a web wrapped version of juju config %application_name%
  • The model graphic or diagram is unwieldy on a custom model or bundle and it’s not interactive. I don’t see people writing coordinates of their icons into their charm bundles.

… Did I get a dud? :laughing: