Indico Documentation Overview

A Juju charm deploying and managing Indico on Kubernetes. Indico is an open-source tool for event organisation, archival, and collaboration.

This charm simplifies initial deployment and “day N” operations of Indico on Kubernetes, such as scaling the number of instances, integration with SSO, access to S3 for redundant file storage, and more. It allows for deployment on many different Kubernetes platforms, from MicroK8s to Charmed Kubernetes and public cloud Kubernetes offerings.

As such, the charm makes it easy for those looking to take control of their own events management system whilst keeping operations simple and gives them the freedom to deploy on the Kubernetes platform of their choice.

This charm will make operating Indico simple and straightforward for DevOps or SRE teams through Juju’s clean interface. It will allow easy deployment into multiple environments to test changes and support scaling out for enterprise deployments.

In this documentation

Get started - a hands-on introduction to using the Charmed Indico operator for new users
How-to guides
Step-by-step guides covering key operations and common tasks
Technical information - specifications, APIs, architecture
Concepts - discussion and clarification of key topics

Contributing to this documentation

Documentation is an important part of this project, and we take the same open-source approach to the documentation as the code. As such, we welcome community contributions, suggestions and constructive feedback on our documentation. Our documentation is hosted on the Charmhub forum to enable easy collaboration. Please use the “Help us improve this documentation” links on each documentation page to either directly change something you see that’s wrong, ask a question, or make a suggestion about a potential change via the comments section.

If there’s a particular area of documentation that you’d like to see that’s missing, please file a bug.

Project and community

The Indico Operator is a member of the Ubuntu family. It’s an open-source project that warmly welcomes community projects, contributions, suggestions, fixes, and constructive feedback.

Thinking about using the Indico Operator for your next project? Get in touch!


Level Path Navlink
1 tutorial Tutorial
1 how-to How to
2 how-to-configure-a-proxy Configure a proxy
2 how-to-configure-s3 Configure S3
2 how-to-configure-saml Configure SAML
2 how-to-configure-smtp Configure SMTP
2 how-to-configure-the-external-hostname Configure the external hostname
2 how-to-contribute Contribute
2 how-to-customize-theme Customize theme
2 how-to-install-plugins Install plugins
1 reference Reference
2 reference-actions Actions
2 reference-configurations Configurations
2 reference-integrations Integrations
2 reference-plugins Plugins
2 reference-theme-customization Theme customization
1 explanation Explanation
2 explanation-charm-architecture Charm architecture