Charmed MongoDB Tutorial | Overview

Charmed MongoDB Tutorials

This section of our documentation contains comprehensive, hands-on tutorials to help you learn how to deploy Charmed MongoDB and become familiar with its available operations.


While the tutorials intend to guide you as you deploy Charmed MongoDB for the first time, they will be most beneficial if:

  • You have some experience using a Linux-based CLI
  • You are familiar with basic Juju concepts such as models and controllers
  • You are familiar with MongoDB concepts such as users, replica sets, or sharding

Tutorial contents

There are two tutorials available depending on the database storage method you’d like to learn about:

Both tutorials will guide you through the same principles, while noting the details that apply specifically to replication or sharding.

Step …for a replica set …for a sharded cluster
1. Set up a cloud environment for your deployment Set up the environment Set up the environment
2. Deploy Charmed MongoDB in a virtual container Deploy MongoDB Deploy MongoDB
3. Access a MongoDB database directly Access a replica set Access a sharded cluster
4. Scale the amount of replicas or shards Scale your replicas Add and remove shards
5. Request and change passwords Manage passwords Manage passwords
6. Access MongoDB from a client application Integrate with other applications Integrate with other applications
7. Enable security in your deployment via TLS Enable security Enable security
8. Free up your machine’s resources Clean up the environment Clean up the environment

Tip: If you’re not sure which tutorial to go for, we recommend getting started with Deploy a MongoDB replica set

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