Charmed MongoDB Tutorial | Clean up the environment

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Clean up the environment

In this tutorial, we’ve successfully:

  • Deployed MongoDB on LXD
  • Scaled our deployment
  • Added and removed database users
  • Enabled and disabled TLS

You may now keep your MongoDB deployment running to continue experimenting, or remove it entirely to free up resources on your machine.

Remove Charmed MongoDB

Warning: If you remove Charmed MongoDB as shown below, you will lose all data stored in MongoDB.

To remove Charmed MongoDB, delete the juju model it is hosted on:

juju destroy-model tutorial --destroy-storage --force

Then, remove the overlord Juju controller:

juju destroy-controller overlord

Remove Juju

Warning: If you remove Juju as shown below, you will lose access to any other applications you have hosted on Juju.

To remove Juju altogether, enter:

sudo snap remove juju --purge

You’ve successfully completed our Charmed MongoDB tutorial :tada:

What next?

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