Charmed MongoDB Reference | Revision 164

Revision 164

March 26, 2024

Dear community,

We are excited to announce that Revision 164 of the Charmed MongoDB operator has been released in the 6/stable track for IAAS/VM.

Please note that track 5 is no longer supported by Canonical. This means that it will not receive any bug fixes or new features. We are planning to close the track 5 in the coming months, and we will keep you updated on the timeline.

We strongly encourage users to transition to the 6/stable track to ensure that you continue to receive support and updates from Canonical.


  • Major snap upgrade to from charmed-mongodb/5 >charmed-mongodb/6:
    • MongoDB upgrade: 5.0 > 6.0.6-5
    • PBM upgrade: 2.0.5 > 2.4.0
    • MongoDB exporter upgrade: 0.37.0 > 0.40.0
  • juju 3 support
  • Legacy relations deprecation
  • Integration with the mongos charm via the config-server interface


  • Replication
  • Sharding
  • Encryption via TLS
  • Backup and restore
  • Client connections
  • Password rotation
  • Monitoring
  • Audit logging

For a more detailed list of features and commits throughout all revisions, check our GitHub Releases.

Known issues

  • Charmed MongoDB does not support relations on the mongodb_client interface in juju versions 2.9 > 3.1.
  • Sometimes the cluster goes into maintenance mode with a message “Enabling TLS” when using self-signed-certificates charm. (#379)
    • This might be an issue with the self-signed-certificates charm.

For known issues of official MongoDB, check MongoDB | 6.0 Release Notes > Known Issues and MongoDB | Open Issues

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Project and community

Charmed MongoDB is an open source project that warmly welcomes community contributions, suggestions, fixes, and constructive feedback.