Charmed Kubeflow documentation

Kubeflow aims to make machine learning workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable and scalable.

Charmed Kubeflow packages the 30-plus applications and services that make up the latest version of Kubeflow, to make deployment and operations even faster and simpler - anywhere, on workstations, on-premises, on public, private and edge clouds.

Kubeflow as a Charm

Charmed Kubeflow is driven by Juju - an enterprise Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) that provides model-driven application management and next-generation infrastructure-as-code. In Juju, operators and applications are bundled as Charms - packages that include an operator together with metadata that supports the integration of many operators in a coherent aggregated system.

Juju provides a central view of Kubernetes operators in a deployment, the configuration, scale and status of each of them, and the integration lines between them. It keeps track of potential updates and upgrades for each operator and coordinates the flow of events and messages between operators.

This documentation contains:

  • Tutorials - step-by-step introductory guides to familiarise you with Charmed Kubeflow
  • How-to guides - practical guides to common tasks and operations
  • Explanation - additional background information
  • Reference - Reference material, e.g. list of charms.


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0 / Introduction
0 Tutorials
1 quickstart Quickstart guide
1 kubeflow-basics Kubeflow basics
0 How-to guides
1 install Install
1 dashboard Access dashboard
1 customise Customize
1 uninstall Uninstall
1 upgrade Upgrade
1 aws Using AWS/MicroK8s for development
1 ldap Set up LDAP Authentication
1 aks-spot Use AKS spot instances for pipelines
1 troubleshooting Troubleshooting
0 Explanation
1 authentication Authentication
1 authorisation Authorisation
0 Reference
1 operators-and-bundles Charmed operators and bundles
0 About the project
1 contributing-docs Contributing to docs