Charmed Kubeflow Documentation

Charmed Kubeflow is an open source, end-to-end, production ready MLOps platform on top of cloud native technologies.

Charmed Kubeflow translates Machine Learning steps into complete workflows, enabling training, tuning, and shipping of ML models. It enables automation of workflows, increases quality of models, and simplifies deployment of ML workloads into production in a reliable way.

Charmed Kubeflow meets the need of building Machine Learning applications in a structured and consistent manner while contributing to higher productivity and better collaboration in Data Science teams.

For Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers Charmed Kubeflow provides an advanced toolkit to organise and scale their work.

In this documentation

Get started - a hands-on introduction to Charmed Kubeflow for new users
How-to guides
Step-by-step guides covering key operations and common tasks
Concepts - discussion and clarification of key topics
Technical information - specifications, APIs, architecture

Project and community

Charmed Kubeflow is an official distribution of the Kubeflow project. It’s an open-source project that welcomes community contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.

Thinking about using Charmed Kubeflow for your next project? Get in touch!


Level Path Navlink
1 / Charmed Kubeflow
1 tutorial Tutorial
2 get-started-with-charmed-kubeflow Get started with Charmed Kubeflow
1 how-to-guides How-to guides
2 manage-charmed-kubeflow Manage Charmed Kubeflow
3 install Install
3 install-on-microk8s-on-aws Install on MicroK8s on AWS
3 deploy-kubeflow-with-aws-cloud-formation Install on AWS out of the box with Cloud Formation Template
3 dashboard Access dashboard
3 customise Customize
3 nvidia-gpu-integration-outside-microk8s NVIDIA GPU integration outside Microk8s
3 upgrade Upgrade
3 troubleshooting Troubleshoot
3 uninstall Uninstall
3 deploy-kubeflow-on-microk8s-behind-a-web-proxy Deploy Charmed Kubeflow on MicroK8s behind a web proxy
2 integrate-with-other-charms Integrate Charmed Kubeflow with other charms
3 integrate-with-mlflow Integrate with MLFlow
3 allow-access-minio Allow access to Charmed MinIO
2 integrate-with-external-tools Integrate Charmed Kubeflow with external tools
3 mindspore Integrate with Mindspore
3 ldap Set up LDAP Authentication
2 use-kubeflow Use Kubeflow
3 accelerated-ml-experiments-on-microk8s-with-inaccel-fpga-operator-and-kubeflow-katib Accelerated ML experiments on MicroK8s with InAccel FPGA Operator and Kubeflow Katib
3 aks-spot Use AKS spot instances for pipelines
3 build-an-mlops-pipeline-with-mlflow-seldon-core-and-kubeflow Build an MLOps pipeline with MLFlow, Seldon Core and Kubeflow
3 ml-workflow-kubeflow-with-katib-and-mlflow ML Workflow: Kubeflow with Katib and MLFlow
1 reference Reference
2 authentication Authentication
2 components Components
3 admission-webhook admission-webhook
3 argo-controller argo-controller
3 argo-server argo-server
3 dex-auth dex-auth
3 istio-ingressgateway istio-ingressgateway
3 istio-pilot istio-pilot
3 jupyter-controller jupyter-controller
3 jupyter-ui jupyter-ui
3 katib Charmed Katib
3 kubeflow-pipelines Charmed Kubeflow Pipelines
3 kubeflow-dashboard kubeflow-dashboard
3 kubeflow-profiles kubeflow-profiles
3 kubeflow-roles kubeflow-roles
3 kubeflow-volumes kubeflow-volumes
3 metacontroller-operator metacontroller-operator
3 minio minio
3 oidc-gatekeeper oidc-gatekeeper
3 seldon-controller-manager seldon-controller-manager
3 tensorboard-controller tensorboard-controller
3 tensorboards-web-app tensorboards-web-app
3 training-operator training-operator
3 envoy envoy
3 mlmd mlmd
3 mlflow mlflow
2 supported-versions Supported versions
2 mlops-pipeline MLOps pipeline
3 list-of-mlops-tools List of MLOps tools
1 explanation Explanation
2 authorisation Authorisation
contributing-docs Contributing to docs


Mapping table
Location Path
/docs/mlops-pipelines-with-mlflow-seldon-core-and-kubeflow /docs/build-an-mlops-pipeline-with-mlflow-seldon-core-and-kubeflow
/docs/quickstart /docs/get-started-with-charmed-kubeflow
/docs/kubeflow-basics /docs/get-started-with-charmed-kubeflow
/docs/aws /docs/install-on-microk8s-on-aws
/docs/authentication-with-oidc-and-keycloak /docs/how-to-guides
/docs/visual-workflow-design-with-charmed-kubeflow-and-elyra /docs/how-to-guides
/docs/run-spark-on-kubernetes /docs/how-to-guides
/docs/using-vscode-on-charmed-kubeflow /docs/how-to-guides
/docs/setting-up-remote-access /docs/how-to-guides
/docs/operators-and-bundles /docs/components