Review `MicroCeph` charm for listing

Hey, I’d like to propose Charm-MicroCeph for listing. It has been in use for some time as a sunbeam project and is developed and published by Openstack Charmers.

Please find relevant links required for listing below and please let me know if there are any questions or concerns :smiley:


Charm Review PR

The upstream repositories has direct push disabled hence I’ve created a pull request (following steps here) from my fork of charm-microceph.

Charm Links


  2. Github Repository

  3. Bugs

CI Links

  1. Lint Check

  2. Unit Tests

  3. Functional Tests

  4. Release Automation

Test Results

  1. Lint Test Result

  2. Unit Test Result

  3. Functional Test Result

  4. Release Automation CI Result

Documentation Links

  1. Usage Docs

  2. License

  3. Contribution Docs: Openstack Charm-Guide

  4. Communication:

Thanks @utkarshbhatthere for the review request! @ca-scribner can you please help with this review? You can go through and tick off the items on the checklist available here and post the result in this thread. This prior listing request could serve as an example of how to go about it. Please ping @review-coordinators for any questions.

Hi @utkarshbhatthere , @ca-scribner ,

I have doubts ref listing of this charm in the current form, please allow me to share them:

  1. The charm seems to be published only to edge so far - does it indicate it is work in progress? How about considering a release to stable first before switching it to listed
  2. The documentation is very minimal (almost a “one liner”) and no further links are provided. I have the impression that there can be much more around a Microceph charm to talk about and to refer to.

Hello @mcjaeger Thanks for the review, please allow me to respond to your concerns.

  1. Stable release: Charm MicroCeph is indeed only released to edge until now. There is some on-going feature work that needs to go in before we mark it stable. However, the charm (in its current state) works and is used for all sunbeam storage role deployments. I was not aware of stable release requirement for listing, that will take around 10 days of time.

  2. Documentation: We are maintaining relevant usage docs in the project README, I am in the process of moving relevant parts to a Discourse Article and it should reflect on charmhub soon.


documentation and links are mentioned in the review description being necessary, right now, the charm misses both on charmhub.

Ref. the formal requirement if the charm should be to stable. I am not sure about the formal requirement, but allow me to express again that it is not clear to me if the charm is ready for being used by others (which would be the anticipated consequence of listing) if you just have released to edge only so far.

What would be the work required to bring it to the stable channel? If the charms works reliably and works in all sunbeam storage role deployments, what prevents you form publishing a first release to the stable channel? How about making a release to stable first and then submit for review?

@mcjaeger Oh yeah, I was not trying to suggest listing before the 2 were resolved. Was just updating on their status. I will keep this review request live and ping back once the items are resolved ??

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