Request: transfer ownership of spark-history-server-k8s-operator

Hi there!

Please tranfer ownership of spark-history-server-k8s-operator to “Canonical Data Platform” team.


This is done.

  • Daniel

Daniel, we have realized that the naming is wrong, as “operator” is somewhat redundant. The standard when naming charms should be just


therefore in this case, it should be “spark-history-server-k8s”. What should we do? Is is possible to change the name or should we create a brand new space on charmhub?

Sorry for the inconvenience


Not a problem. I would just close all the channels in the undesired charm, and then register and publish an entirely new one with the correct name.

However, have you uploaded any revisions to spark-history-server-k8s-operator ? Because if you have not, then we have a shiny new “unregister” API that you can use directly to remove the old name. Let me know.

  • Daniel

No, we have not uploaded any revision yet. Is the API available on the web page or we need to do an API call? Do you have a link about the API?

Hi- sorry, I checked again and that new API does not yet work (we haven’t deployed it). I’ll show you how to use it once it’s available :slight_smile: would make for a good first use case.

  • Daniel