Request guardrail for landscape-client charm

Hello, we would like to add an extra channel “legacy” to the landscape-client charm. I was reading these instructions, and it suggests to get a guard rail first How to create a track for your charm


Yes, that’s correct. In order to make use of the self-service track creation functionality you need to request a guardrail first. We can do this immediately as soon as you provide us the regex pattern (i.e. guardrail) that’ll govern all your future track creations (including legacy) for landscape-client.



@kevinnasto Looking at I don’t know if one of these would help?

Strictly “latest” or “legacy”:


Allowing “latest”, “legacy”, “N”, “N.N” and “NN.NN”:


Yes these options work. However, right now the plan is to only add the “legacy” one. Is it alright if the others are not currently activated (maybe later they will)? Or does the regex need to be changed?

We can make adjustments in the future, so if you don’t have specific plans the simplest regex is probably best for now.

Ok then lets just do “legacy” then

Per offline talk, let’s go with your original recommendation


This was done.