Request: Charm Ownership Change

Could you please transfer ownership of temporal-k8s and temporal-admin-k8s from me to ~commercial-systems?

Sure, both are done.

  • Daniel

Hello! It seems I am facing the same issue mentioned here where I cannot push changes to the charms as I am no longer the owner. If this is not yet resolved, could you please transfer ownership back to me until we can find a way of having a token for the team instead?

Teams cannot have authentication tokens.

I can add you as a collaborator, so you are able to push changes. Let me know (please let me see the output of charmcraft whoami so I can get your user identifier etc :)).

  • Daniel

I’ve dropped you a message on Mattermost with my details. Could you please transfer ownership of this charm to ~commercial-systems as well and add me as a collaborator on all three charms?

Hi, it’s all done :slight_smile:

  • Daniel