Request: Add tracks 1.20 and 1.21 for Anbox Cloud charms


we would like to request 1.20 and 1.21 tracks for the Anbox Cloud charms/bundles, namely:


  • ams
  • ams-node-controller
  • ams-load-balancer
  • aar
  • anbox-stream-gateway
  • anbox-stream-agent
  • coturn
  • anbox-cloud-governor
  • anbox-cloud-dashboard
  • ams-lxd


  • anbox-cloud
  • anbox-cloud-core


The requested tracks have been created for all specified charms and bundles.

@morphis we could create guardrails with the regex \d+\.\d+ such that future tracks can be created without raising requests in these forums. Would you like us to create the guardrails for these charms and bundles?

@tshinn Thanks for creating these!

Yes, I would prefer having guardrails in place so we can create the tracks ourself, thanks!

@morphis the guardrails have now been created for all of the above charms and charm-bundles.