Extended guardrails for Anbox Cloud charms to allow -ops suffix


in Request: Add tracks 1.20 and 1.21 for Anbox Cloud charms we got guardrails for all Anbox Cloud charms and bundles created which allow us to create tracks in the format <major>.<minor>.

As we’re currently in the process of converting our charms from reactive to ops we will need to keep both versions maintained alongside for a while. To support that we would like to have additional tracks shipping the new ops version of the charms.

For that, can we get the guardrails extended to allow <major>.<minor>-ops?

We plan to ship the ops versions in for example 1.22-ops and the reactive version in 1.22. We sadly wont be able to cut over every deployment type with a single release of the Anbox Cloud software stack and therefor require both for a couple of month to coexist.

We will need this for the following charms and bundles:


  • ams
  • ams-node-controller
  • ams-load-balancer
  • aar
  • anbox-stream-gateway
  • anbox-stream-agent
  • coturn
  • anbox-cloud-governor
  • anbox-cloud-dashboard
  • ams-lxd


  • anbox-cloud
  • anbox-cloud-core



I’ve added the guardrail \d+\.\d+-ops to the all the charms and charm bundles. Let me know if I’ve missed any here.



Thanks a lot @superalpaca !