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Charmed Prometheus

prometheus-k8s is a charm for Prometheus. It is an essential part of the COS Lite bundle.

This Charmed Operator handles deployment, scaling, configuration, and Day 2 operations specific to Prometheus.

This operator drives the Prometheus application, and it can be composed with other operators to deliver a complex application or service.

The charm imposes configurable resource limits on the workload, can be readily integrated with metrics providers such, and comes with built-in alert rules and dashboards for self-monitoring.

This charm is:

  • part of the COS Lite bundle
  • intended to be used together with alertmanager-k8s

Integrating with external (non-charmed) workloads

You can integrate prometheus-k8s with any workload, even if it’s not managed by Juju, by setting up a Grafana Agent instance to scrape the target and forward the metrics to prometheus.

First, you’ll likely need an ingress integration with traefik-k8s to give your prometheus-k8s deployment a stable, external-facing URL.

Once you have the URL for Prometheus, you can use it to configure Grafana Agent to forward metrics to it.

You can do this with all charms in COS Lite!


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