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Mimir coordinator charm

mimir-coordinator-k8s is a workloadless charm that coordinates the operations of mimir-worker charms and routes traffic to them.

It is an essential part of COS HA.

This Charmed Operator handles deployment, scaling, configuration, and Day 2 operations specific to Mimir.

This operator drives the Mimir worker applications, and it can be composed with other operators to deliver a complex application or service.

Mimir-coordinator’s primary task is to ensure that a cluster of mimir worker nodes is consistent (i.e. all required roles are assigned to a certain number of units). Its secondary function is to provide a unified configuration point for the whole cluster. Finally, it deploys and operates nginx to route traffic to the related workers.

This charm on its own does not deploy or operate Mimir; the mimir bundle deploys a mimir-coordinator instance and a mimir-worker instance and integrates them. Only then, you will have a functional Mimir deployment.

This charm is:

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Get started - a hands-on introduction for new users deploying the charmed operator.
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Project and community

Mimir-coordinator is part of the Canonical Observability Stack. It’s an open source project that warmly welcomes community projects, contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.

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