Juju-restore v0.9 - now with downgrade support

Hi everyone -

There’s a new release of juju-restore available. This adds autoloading the credentials from the machine agent config on the current controller node, so you don’t have to do that yourself. It also fixes a bug that miscounted HA nodes in backup files.

The main change though is that juju-restore now supports restoring a backup that was taken from an earlier Juju version if the --allow-downgrade option is passed. This means that if you take a backup before upgrading the controller, and then hit a bug in the new Juju version, you can restore the backup to get back to the original version. A restore-downgrade works on HA controllers, as long as there’s SSH connectivity from the primary controller (where you run juju-restore) to the secondary controller machines. We check for connectivity before beginning the restore, just in case.

Please try it out and let us know what you think. Thanks!