Juju Progress Report - 2020-W18

Juju Progress Report - 2020-W18

Juju’s development has been focused on strengthening the upcoming 2.8 release. The call for testing is open:

You can take a sneak peek at the features being released:

:woman_scientist: Feature Development

Easier selection of custom image metadata

From 2.8, it will now be much easier to supply custom virutal machine image ncluding for non-Ubuntu operating systems such as CentOS and openSUSE. The details have been provided in a seperate post.

Backup and restore

The juju-restore tool moved to its 0.9 release. It allows you to restore to a previous release of Juju, in case a future version triggered an issue with your model.

New Actions workflow, enable with JUJU_FEATURES environment variable

Juju 2.8 introduces a new evironment variable: JUJU_FEATURES. It is intended for selectively enabling features that are expected to be introduced as defaults in Juju 3.0. The first feature to make use of JUJU_FEATURES is the new actions workflow.

:book: Documentation

Pages with major revisions:

Minor updates:

:link: Links

New Website: juju.is

Guide: How to run any hook with a remote context

Office Hours

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