Juju Dev documentation

This documentation is aimed at Juju developers or Juju users who would like to see what’s under the hood. It is not intended to stand on its own but merely to supplement the Juju OLM documentation and the Juju SDK documentation.

In this documentation

Get started
How-to guides
Step-by-step guides covering key operations and common tasks
Discussion and clarification of key topics
Technical information - specifications, APIs, architecture


Level Path Navlink
1 Juju Dev documentation
1 how-to How-to guides
2 debug-bootstrapmachine-failures Debug bootstrap/machine failures
2 create-a-new-mongo-db-collection Create a new Mongo DB collection
2 write-a-unit-test Write a unit test
3 create-a-unit-test-suite Create a unit test suite
2 write-an-integration-test Write an integration test
1 reference Reference
2 agent-introspection Agent introspection
3 agent-introspection-juju-engine-report juju_engine_report
3 agent-introspection-juju-goroutines juju_goroutines
3 agent-introspection-juju-heap-profile juju_heap_profile
3 agent-introspection-juju-leases juju_leases
3 agent-introspection-juju-machine-lock juju_machine_lock
3 agent-introspection-juju-metrics juju_metrics
3 agent-introspection-juju-revoke-lease juju_revoke_lease
3 agent-introspection-juju-start-unit juju_start_unit
3 agent-introspection-juju-stop-unit juju_stop_unit
3 agent-introspection-juju-unit-status juju_unit_status
2 commands-available-on-a-juju-machine Commands available on a Juju machine
2 testing Testing
3 unit-testing Unit testing
3 integration-testing Integration testing
2 worker Worker
Agent introspection juju_machine_lock log
logfile-varlogjujumachine-locklog Logfile: /var/log/juju/machine-lock.log
Unit testing
unit-test-suite Unit test suite
util-suite Util suite
checker Checker
integration-test-suite Integration test suite
test-includes Test includes


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