Welcome to the charmed operator community!

Hello Charmers!

We are the Open Operator Collection.

Our mission is to redefine application management with a model-driven universal operator experience. Better operators, that are easier to write, with a great community. We strive for better security, more efficient administration, and true hybrid multi cloud freedom.

Read the Open Operator Manifesto and join us to discuss, design and improve operators on Kubernetes, Linux and Windows.

The operator pattern is all about encapsulating application domain knowledge as code that anybody can use to drive applications more efficiently. Think infrastructure-as-code, and extend that to application management, with a big dose of open source.

We embrace the Kubernetes operator pattern, and make it universal. Here we develop operators that work on Kubernetes AND operators that drive traditional apps on Linux and Windows. Using a consistent approach allows us to integrate cloud-native and Linux/Windows workloads, easily.

Our operators all use the same Operator Lifecycle Manager for efficient coordination and services like leader election, state management and upgrade control. The Juju OLM is an enterprise-grade universal OLM in widespread use in mission critical environments such as defence, banking and telco.

Better operator experience

First, we aim for consistency across different operators from different communities. It’s easier to use new operators if they look and feel familiar. Deploying, scaling, configuring and integrating applications feels much better when they all behave consistently.

Second, we believe in model-driven operators, so that groups of operators can be integrated and managed together easily, and so that integration code can be shared and reused in the community.

Third, we abstract away differences between underlying substrates, so that the same operators work the same way in different clouds, on premise and on bare metal.

Easier to write

Distributed systems are hard! We enable community developers to write high quality operators as easily as possible. Handling scale out, integration, upgrades and debugging nicely is much easier with the Python Operator Framework.

Our key focus here is in supporting the operator developer community to write better operators and to collaborate more efficiently. Keeping everything open source, with no dependency on proprietary PAAS elements, makes for the best community engagement.

With better security

Community-driven devsecops enables large and small organisations to collaborate on improving operational security. Instead of redoing work that has already been done elsewhere, we collaborate to share the most secure operations code, freely.

Getting in touch

If you’re needing specific advice right away, you are welcome please contact the core Juju OLM developers on IRC. We are based all over the world. Please join us in the #juju channel on Freenode.net.