Juju Dashboard 0.2.0 Release 🚀

While it’s been a couple months since our last release we’ve been working hard under the hood in preparation of a lot of features coming in the next releases.

:star2: New

Register additional controllers in your dashboard.

  • While your access to view the controllers hasn’t changed, the Controller view is no longer restricted to only administrators on the controllers. This means that you can now register additional controllers to your dashboard and have the controllers and models appear in the same lists as the ones that were available by your primary controller.
  • This allows users of JAAS to register additional self-bootstrapped controllers into the same dashboard and have them all accessed in the JAAS models view.
  • It also allows users who manage multiple self-bootstrapped controllers the ability to view all of those controllers and their models in a single dashboard.

Clicking the error message in the model list takes you to the model details page.

  • In an upcoming release this will take you directly to the entity emitting the error.

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a race condition where the dashboard would try and start before the configuration file had finished loading.
  • Locally deployed charms now indicate as such in the model details view.
  • The logo in the top left now links to the appropriate page depending on the environment you’re operating in.

:telescope: Upcoming

  • User interface improvements to the search and filter elements for those with large deployments.
  • New detail page hierarchy for models, applications, machines and units.
  • Adding the ability to position applications in the Topology to better represent your models. These positions will be persisted and included with bundle exports so future deployments of the bundle will retain the same visualizations.
  • Refactoring of the JavaScript implementation of libjuju by converting it to TypeScript to provide typed param and response values and resolving a number of developer experience issues that we’ve found over time.

:point_up_2: Upgrade Instructions

  • Users of Juju 2.8+ can run juju upgrade-dashboard and the latest version will be pulled down and installed automatically.
  • jaas.ai users have been already upgraded to this version.
  • The tarball can be found on GitHub if you would prefer to manually run juju upgrade-dashboard /path/to/tarball