Design and Web team summary – 4th August 2020


Posting some updates from the JAAS squad from the Design and Web team.


The JAAS squad develops the UI for the JAAS store and Juju dashboard projects.

Cross-model relations – UX workshop

During the last iteration we spoke to some Juju users about their experience of Cross-model relations (CMR), we have summarised all the insights into a report. In this iteration, we started to analyse the key requirements around displaying CMR information on the JAAS dashboard in a workshop.

Adding additional controllers to the dashboard

UX design-wise, we adopted the new Vanilla Panel pattern and designed the interaction flow for the feature of registering/editing/removing controllers.

This new feature is now ready for use in the Juju Dashboard 0.2.0 release. Try it out.

If you want to read more on the whole team’s work:


:tada: looking great @gomboli

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