JAAS live or?

I have my own LXD based charms and things … and ready to start using them on AWS… but I recalled that JAAS was a thing a year or so ago… but when I go there now it just shows a spin wheel… is this service up or on hold? I wanted to avoid paying the cost for the controller if possible on EC2… or is JAAS now a paid service or something ?


I was looking for instructions and found this

We could definitely do with some onboarding when a user doesn’t have any models…

Basically what’s happening here is that it’s spinning checking for models for you but since you don’t have any, none ever show up :slight_smile:

You can go to the CLI to create a model on JAAS, there is currently no cost associated for using the JAAS controllers. There still will be costs from your cloud provider for things like machines and whatnot.

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In addition, that documentation that you found is woefully out of date, I’ll be sure to have that updated. The old GUI which provided a system for creating models in the UI no longer exists and was replaced with the new Dashboard.

You can register the JAAS controller via the CLI using:
juju register jimm.jujucharms.com

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hey @hatch just wanted to say thank you for the response and indeed I got in via your juju register ... instruction. Setup a credential with EC2Admin access and whipped up a model and bundle (WITH some private charms i had not yet uploaded to the store I might add… WOW!)

I now need to go off an research the security setup… like if I want to pre-bake my VPC… what should I turn on or off so Juju is happy? but this worked out perfect now!

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Happy to help!

Unfortunately I’m not able to offer any assistance in externally controlling a VPC as you mentioned, you may want to create a separate topic targeted towards that question.

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I got it sorted after some research under this post

it was a bit inconsistent but… i used this and it seemed to get things settled

juju deploy mongodb --bind <the_space_you_want>