Identity charms review

we would like all the charms belonging to the Identity Platform to be searchable /visible in Charmub.

Can you please help us to have them reviewed?

dont know if we need anything for the bundle Charmhub | Deploy Identity Platform using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection, but in case let me know what s the path for that

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Hi @shipperizer,

Thank you for your request! To be able to expedite and track the reviews, I would like to ask you to please raise an individual review request (separate posts) for each of the charms.

Best, Simon

@shipperizer It’ll be easier for the reviewers if you can add links to your review PR, documentation, CI, and metadata, following the process for review requests. You can use this post or any previous review requests as an example. Thanks!

@varshigupta that isnt really gonna cut it, we have already the code on the main branch so a PR will only include the stuff missing from the review process

i ll see what i can do, though would be good to kickstart the project as links to repo and docs are all in the charmhub links

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