How to pack your reactive-based charm with Charmcraft

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Suppose you want a reactive-based charm. Such a charm cannot be initialised with Charmcraft. However, it can be packed with Charmcraft. This document shows you how.

Introduced in Charmcraft 1.4.

The reactive way to write a charm represents an old standard. The recommended way to create a charm now is using Charmcraft and Ops.

To pack a reactive-based charm with Charmcraft, in the charm directory create a charmcraft.yaml file with the part definition for a reactive-based charm:

type: "charm"
  - build-on:
      - name: "ubuntu"
        channel: "20.04"
      - name: "ubuntu"
        channel: "20.04"
    source: .
    plugin: reactive
    build-snaps: [charm]

Done. Now you can go ahead and pack your reactive-based charm with Charmcraft in the usual way using charmcraft pack.

Is it only me not able to click “Introduced in Charmcraft 1.4” directly and need to scroll down to click this link? Charmcraft release 1.4.0 -- Call for testing!