How to manage credentials

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I’m learning more about credentials and curious how Juju manages remote credentials. This is an important topic for security reasons.

Its a good place to explain how end-user credentials are managed in a remote location, for example on the public jaas-infrastructure but more generally also in a controller context.

It would be good also to provide information on how to remove a remote credential, since that is missing (does it exist?) from the documentation here:

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Here maybe?

I stumbled upon an error with openstack-integrator trying to fetch a ‘project_name’ field in the openstack credentials. After a lot of digging I found out that it’s a synonym of a ‘tenant-name’ field that can be passed through the yaml spec (not sure about the interactive prompt).

To help towards documenting this, I propose adding “tenant-name: frodo” to the yaml example above, although I’m not sure whether the idea is ‘document all fields’ or ‘document the necessary fields only’, in which case I rest my… case.