Framework Team Updates - Week #15 2022

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Add this week’s updates here.

Typing this up earlier because tomorrow is holiday :partying_face:

This week I:

  • Lurked in @erik-lonroth’s thread about grafana dashboards (surfaced briefly to ask for a clarification on a point).
  • Heeded the call for testing for the charmcraft 1.6.0 release candidate.
  • Got charmcraft login to work more smoothly on my headless server (thanks, @facundo! )
  • Polished the documentation in lib rollingops
  • Published version 0.2 of lib rollingops
    • Incorporates @miaaltieri’s bugfixes, as well as my documentation changes
  • Tested and updated my PR against Kafka with rollingops 0.2.
    • Investigated an integration test failure, but wasn’t able to reproduce it locally – I don’t think that it is due to the library code.
  • Spoke w/ Teodora about improving the Operator Framework API docs. As as result of our conversation, I:
    • Compiled and shared a list of all classes in the framework.
    • Drafted a Discourse doc with all classes organized by purpose.
  • Reviewed the [harness merge layer support[( PR.
  • Chatted about alternatives to reacting to relation-departed when scaling down mongodb.
    • There was some buy-in to the idea of dropping the charm into an error state if an operator tries to remove more than one unit of an ha mongodb setup, as this scenario is not well supported by the workload software.
  • Put together a “Rolling Ops Post Mortem” slide deck
    • I plan to give it as a lightning talk to the Ops Framework team next week.
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