Error "series required for charm-hub charms"

Can anyone explain what this error means please? I get this in relation to deploying from charmhub, in this case with bundle (bundle series is jammy).

Executing changes:
  - upload charm ceph-mon from charm-hub for series jammy from channel quincy/stable with architecture=amd64
ERROR cannot deploy bundle: cannot add charm "ceph-mon": series required for charm-hub charms (bad request)

Which channel are you deploying ceph-mon from? Which version of the juju client and which version of juju is the controller running?

There was an issue with series selection and the charm. It looks like juju should have failed earlier than it did. It could be that the charm doesn’t support jammy causing the issue.

Many thanks for suggestions. The ceph channel is quincy/stable. I was wondering about juju version somethings…

The client is 3.0.0-genericlinux-amd64 (from snap).

The controller is 2.9.37.

I get the same error when I try to build a focal/wallaby or focal/yoga and I have seen the same with other charms in charm-hub, so I feel sure this is not a ceph thing specifically.

I must say I am personally confused by the client now reporting e.g ubuntu@20.04 now where it previously was ‘focal’. I’m pretty sure I had default-series set to ‘focal’ too and now it is apparently unset.

FWIW, I was able to deploy ceph-mon on channel quincy/stable on a Jammy Juju machine. Using Juju 2.9.37 everywhere (controller, model, and client).

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Thanks, I have reverted my client and everything is working again.