[community-workshop] Bye bye AWS bills with Juju, LXD & Tailscale

Join yet another Juju community session and get some first hand insights in a real world scenario!

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Friday 12:th August, 10:00am, Stockholm Timezone - meet.google.com/hgq-xxnj-wir

This workshop will demo in the following context!


I (@emcp) run a small business helping small companies host their website. We utilize Juju to stand up a (fairly) simple architecture of NGINX, Certbot, and a Javascript framework we’d open sourced called MAHRIO. We’ve noticed AWS can be very very expensive (and risky) to utilize for everything. Since we knew LXD, we knew Juju… we had the power to avoid using EC2 if we could only reach our serves from across the globe (I am based in Sweden and my business partner and cofounder is based in California).

Enter Tailscale, the Wireguard backed mesh VPN solution. We installed LXD, Juju, and Tailscale together… spun up our resources on a spare gaming laptop with 16GB… forwarded port 443/80 … and with Tailcales TLS feature got a worldwide accessible admin page WITHOUT needing EC2 ($$$$) .





Charm Citations

https://charmhub.io/mahrio-certbot https://charmhub.io/mahrio-nginx https://charmhub.io/mahrio

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