Charm: wireguard-sub - released to edge

There is a new charm for you to try out!

Inspired by the work of @emcp and the community event, [community-workshop] Bye bye AWS bills with Juju, LXD & Tailscale

I put together a new charm which deploys a wireguard VPN to any of your services within your own cloud(s).

The use-case is that you sometimes like to expose internal services remotely, but don’t want to persist it with allowing full access to all your resources via juju or something else. So, with this charm, you deploy the subordinate to your individual application and remove it or disable-it when not needed.

The charm has actions to do all the above and a README to assist you getting started.

Go ahead and try it and give me some feedback if you like it.


@erik-lonroth the link ( the charmhub page points to leads to an empty repo. Did you forget to push some branch?


It definitely looks interesting!


Totally! I’ve pushed it now!

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