CharmTech Team Updates - Week #25 2022

@pengale @jnsgruk @rwcarlsen here the updates for the week.

This week I:

  • gave a community workshop where I presented charm-lib-template and demo’d it by publishing v0.1 and v0.2 of Harness recipe: capture_events - framework - Charmhub
  • Found (and hopefully fixed) a bug in ops.Model
  • Opened two PRs on operator to make the harness error out the same way the framework would when users set bad relation data or bad config data in utests.
  • Worked on the Status spec and worked on a POC
  • Worked on the traefik ingress interface and discussed how to merge it with nginx’s with Tom Haddon.
  • Worked some more on traefik itests.

Slightly shortened week with the Mon. holiday.

  • Read up on pebble log forwarding specs. Discussed with Ben. Started writing code.
  • Read up on and discussed status handling.
  • Reviewed PRs, issues: #786, #787, #788, etc.
  • Bunch of interview stuff.