Charmed MySQL K8s How-to - Async: Clients

Clients for Async replication

WARNING: it is an ‘8.0/candidate’ article. Do NOT use it in production!
Contact Canonical Data Platform team if you are interested in the topic.


Make sure both Rome and Lisbon Clusters are deployed using the Async Deployment manual!

Offer and consume DB endpoints

juju switch rome
juju offer db1:database db1-database

juju switch lisbon
juju offer db2:database db2-database

juju add-model app ; juju switch app
juju consume rome.db1-database
juju consume lisbon.db2-database

Internal Juju app/clients

juju switch app

juju deploy mysql-test-app
juju deploy mysql-router-k8s --trust --channel 8.0/edge

juju relate mysql-test-app mysql-router-k8s
juju relate mysql-router-k8s db1-database

External Juju clients

juju switch app

juju deploy data-integrator --config database-name=mydatabase
juju deploy mysql-router-k8s mysql-router-external --trust --channel 8.0/edge

juju relate data-integrator mysql-router-external
juju relate mysql-router-external db1-database

juju run data-integrator/leader get-credentials