Charm Tech pulse 2024#11

For pulse #10 we were at the Canonical sprints in Madrid, so this is the first post-sprint report. We’ve hit the ground running this pulse – see below.

First, we want to remind everyone of the Charm Tech office hours that we’re starting this coming Tuesday (4 June). Please come along with your questions or feedback!


  • Released Ops 2.14.0 with minor updates.
  • The main user-facing change in 2.14.0 was to fix the RelationDataContent.update method to follow dict.update semantics. Thanks @addyess.
  • Pinned the version of charms used in our CI tests and automated updating the pins on a weekly schedule. This was @dimaqq’s first (significant) change after joining the team – thanks!
  • Switched from using autopep8+isort to Ruff for source code formatting.
  • Finished switching unit tests from unittest to pytest style: test_testing and test_pebble.



  • Finalized and got approval for the Pebble identities spec OP043. We’ll start implementing this shortly.
  • Refactored the various osutil.Mkdir* functions to a single Mkdir function with options, in preparation for fixing the make-dirs permissions issue.
  • Initial version of Pebble documentation site using the Canonical Sphinx starter pack. We’ll be progressively moving the contents of the README to Diaxtaxis-style documentation, starting with this PR.