Bootstack Charmers Promulgation request for openstack-service-checks and kubernetes-service-checks

The Bootstack team would like to request promulgation for their new charm:


We would also like to change the namespace for the promulgation of openstack-service-checks to:


These two paths represent our latest stable/21.01 release of these charms. cs:~llama-charmers/openstack-service-checks will be deprecated and no longer populated with updates.

Thank you,

Please add to the list ~bootstack-charmers/jujukeeper and ~bootstack-charmers/juju-lint

Hi Drew,

Per your previous request for stable/20.10,

  • cs:kubernetes-servie-checks have been promulgated
  • cs:openstack-service-checks promulgation was changed from the llama-charmers namespace to bootstack-charmers

With regard to cs:~bootstack-charmers/juju-lint, I have verified that the contribute links have been added and that it is actively maintained. The charm has also been promulgated.

I have not been able to find jujukeeper. I have seen etckeeper, though, but this second charm is already promulgated. Please confirm which other charm you would like to see promulgated.

Kind regards,