Bootstack/Llama-charmers Promulgation request, new charms for stable/20.10

The Bootstack team would like to request promulgation of the following charms:


The following charm is currently promulgated from ~llama-charmers and needs to change to ~bootstack-charmers going forward:



I have promulgated the requested charms. I have not seen any objections here and I checked that there are no other projects but the bootstack-charmers (and llama-charmers) ones that maintain these charms. I have also reviewed the contribute links, which are in place for all charms.

A few comments:

  • thruk-master: latest supported series is bionic
  • prometheus-grok-exporter: there is a canonical-sysadmins version but no homepage or bugs links are published. I take it as a fork of llama-charmers, which is actively maintained
  • as requested, and since both llama-charmers and bootstack-charmers are currently maintained by the same team, I have unpromulgated cs:~llama-charmers/openstack-service-checks and promulgated the version under cs:~bootstack-charmers/openstack-service-checks. The code for lp:charm-openstack-service-checks also points to a repo under the bootstack-charmers namespace.

Sorry for the delay in the change.