api-server not able to start after VM reboot

Dear Juju community,

I have the problem connecting to my juju controller each time I reboot my VM. I’ve traced the problem to errors in api-server container of the controller:

My installation: I have AWS EC2 instance running Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS. MicroK8s v1.29.2 revision 6529, Juju 3.2.4-genericlinux-amd64. My juju model is kubeflow so each time I lose control over my controller I have to reinstall the whole kubeflow.

After EC2 instance reboot it gets new IP. Also new endpoint IP is assigned to juju controller. I think that the problem is connected to the IP change of the controller. Could you tell me where I should set the new controller endpoint IP?

It seems that my issue is related to this one: juju is stuck after restarting AKS

Hi, thanks for reporting this. Do you think it’s possible for you to test the same scenario using version 3.3+? There were some changes introduced in 3.3 and maybe this is no longer reproducible. OTH if you are able to reproduce it on 3.3+ I think it’s worth opening a bug.

Hi Nicolas

Thank you for your answer,

I confirm that using juju 3.4.2-genericlinux-amd64 I am able to connect to controller after VM reboot. Still I had to change api-endpoints address in controllers.yaml to current endpoint IP of the controller-service.

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That’s great, I’m happy it worked for you! If this is solved on 3.3+ then we won’t be opening bugs on 3.2 since we are no longer contributing to it for this kind of bugs.