Adding hp proliant SL4540 Storage drive

Dear All,

I have a 70TB storage server how do i connect that server to openstack please guide me

I am using MAAS and juju, In maas already commission HP proliant SL4540
Even i tried to add manual using below commands

Juju add-unit nova-compute and juju add-unit --to server name ceph-osd and its taking another drive not 70TB drive .

Please guide me .

Hello @prajwalvinu

The relevant documentation for storage is on Juju | Define and use persistent storage

Some relevant commands are:

  • juju add-storage --help
  • juju storage-pools --help
  • juju create-storage-pool --help

The process would probably be to add a storage pool for the model that selects on a MAAS storage tag. Then you can use juju add-storage ceph-osd/0 osd-devices=70T. Afterwards you might need to run juju run-action ceph-osd/0 list-disks and then juju run-action ceph-osd/0 add-disk ..., please read ceph osd | Juju for further details on that.

If you need more assistances feel free to reply here or to get in touch on Mattermost

Dear Sir,

I tried i am not able to add disk

Hi Prajwal, can you give an overview of how you want to use this storage with OpenStack? I may recommend changes to your cloud topology based on your answer.

Hi Sir,

I needed to attach higher storage to create instance in openstack

Alright, I understand that you want VM images to reside on this storage. Are you using Ceph as a storage backend for you cloud? Are you using Cinder volumes, also possibly backed by Ceph?

Can you share what deployment instructions you have followed up to now?

It would also be helpful if you could give the current state of your cloud by providing output (via a pastebin) to

juju status --relations

Dear Sir

Please find the status of juju-relation

root@maassrv:~# juju status --relations

Model      Controller       Cloud/Region     Version  SLA          Timestamp
openstack  juju-controller  maassrv/default  2.9.16   unsupported  15:14:56+05:30

App                    Version  Status   Scale  Charm                  Store       Channel  Rev  OS      Message
ceph-mon               13.2.8   active       4  ceph-mon               charmstore  stable   482  ubuntu  Unit is ready and clustered
ceph-osd               13.2.8   blocked      5  ceph-osd               charmstore  stable   502  ubuntu  No block devices detected using current configuration
ceph-radosgw           13.2.8   active       1  ceph-radosgw           charmstore  stable   412  ubuntu  Unit is ready
cinder                 13.0.9   active       1  cinder                 charmstore  stable   448  ubuntu  Unit is ready
cinder-ceph            13.0.9   active       1  cinder-ceph            charmstore  stable   360  ubuntu  Unit is ready
glance                 17.0.0   active       1  glance                 charmstore  stable   473  ubuntu  Unit is ready
keystone               14.2.0   active       1  keystone               charmstore  stable   567  ubuntu  Application Ready
mysql                  5.7.20   active       1  percona-cluster        charmstore  stable   402  ubuntu  Unit is ready
neutron-api            13.0.7   active       1  neutron-api            charmstore  stable   485  ubuntu  Unit is ready
neutron-gateway        13.0.7   active       1  neutron-gateway        charmstore  stable   467  ubuntu  Unit is ready
neutron-openvswitch    13.0.7   active       3  neutron-openvswitch    charmstore  stable   452  ubuntu  Unit is ready
nova-cloud-controller  18.3.0   active       1  nova-cloud-controller  charmstore  stable   552  ubuntu  Unit is ready
nova-compute           18.3.0   active       3  nova-compute           charmstore  stable   577  ubuntu  Unit is ready
ntp                    3.2      active       4  ntp                    charmstore  stable    47  ubuntu  chrony: Ready
openstack-dashboard    14.1.0   active       1  openstack-dashboard    charmstore  stable   513  ubuntu  Unit is ready
rabbitmq-server        3.6.10   active       1  rabbitmq-server        charmstore  stable   441  ubuntu  Unit is ready

Unit                      Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports                       Message
ceph-mon/0*               active    idle   1/lxd/0                               Unit is ready and clustered
ceph-mon/1                active    idle   2/lxd/0                               Unit is ready and clustered
ceph-mon/2                active    idle   3/lxd/0                               Unit is ready and clustered
ceph-mon/3                active    idle   0                               Unit is ready and clustered
ceph-osd/0*               active    idle   1                               Unit is ready (1 OSD)
ceph-osd/1                active    idle   2                               Unit is ready (1 OSD)
ceph-osd/2                active    idle   3                               Unit is ready (1 OSD)
ceph-osd/3                active    idle   0                               Unit is ready (1 OSD)
ceph-osd/6                blocked   idle   0/lxd/5                               No block devices detected using current configuration
ceph-radosgw/0*           active    idle   0/lxd/0   80/tcp                      Unit is ready
cinder/0*                 active    idle   1/lxd/1   8776/tcp                    Unit is ready
  cinder-ceph/0*          active    idle                                 Unit is ready
glance/0*                 active    idle   2/lxd/1   9292/tcp                    Unit is ready
keystone/0*               active    idle   3/lxd/1   5000/tcp                    Unit is ready
mysql/0*                  active    idle   0/lxd/1   3306/tcp                    Unit is ready
neutron-api/0*            active    idle   1/lxd/2   9696/tcp                    Unit is ready
neutron-gateway/0*        active    idle   0                               Unit is ready
  ntp/0*                  active    idle     123/udp                     chrony: Ready
nova-cloud-controller/0*  active    idle   2/lxd/2   8774/tcp,8775/tcp,8778/tcp  Unit is ready
nova-compute/0*           active    idle   1                               Unit is ready
  neutron-openvswitch/0*  active    idle                                 Unit is ready
  ntp/1                   active    idle     123/udp                     chrony: Ready
nova-compute/1            active    idle   2                               Unit is ready
  neutron-openvswitch/1   active    idle                                 Unit is ready
  ntp/2                   active    idle     123/udp                     chrony: Ready
nova-compute/2            active    idle   3                               Unit is ready
  neutron-openvswitch/2   active    idle                                 Unit is ready
  ntp/3                   active    idle     123/udp                     chrony: Ready
openstack-dashboard/0*    active    idle   3/lxd/2   80/tcp,443/tcp              Unit is ready
rabbitmq-server/0*        active    idle   0/lxd/2   5672/tcp                    Unit is ready

Machine  State    DNS            Inst id              Series  AZ       Message
0        started  HP-storage           bionic  default  Deployed
0/lxd/0  started  juju-43669e-0-lxd-0  bionic  default  Container started
0/lxd/1  started  juju-43669e-0-lxd-1  bionic  default  Container started
0/lxd/2  started  juju-43669e-0-lxd-2  bionic  default  Container started
0/lxd/5  started  juju-43669e-0-lxd-5  bionic  default  Container started
1        started  HP-01                bionic  default  Deployed
1/lxd/0  started  juju-43669e-1-lxd-0  bionic  default  Container started
1/lxd/1  started  juju-43669e-1-lxd-1  bionic  default  Container started
1/lxd/2  started  juju-43669e-1-lxd-2  bionic  default  Container started
2        started  HP-02                bionic  default  Deployed
2/lxd/0  started  juju-43669e-2-lxd-0  bionic  default  Container started
2/lxd/1  started  juju-43669e-2-lxd-1  bionic  default  Container started
2/lxd/2  started  juju-43669e-2-lxd-2  bionic  default  Container started
3        started  HP-03                bionic  default  Deployed
3/lxd/0  started  juju-43669e-3-lxd-0  bionic  default  Container started
3/lxd/1  started  juju-43669e-3-lxd-1  bionic  default  Container started
3/lxd/2  started  juju-43669e-3-lxd-2  bionic  default  Container started

Relation provider                        Requirer                                       Interface               Type         Message
ceph-mon:client                          cinder-ceph:ceph                               ceph-client             regular
ceph-mon:client                          glance:ceph                                    ceph-client             regular
ceph-mon:client                          nova-compute:ceph                              ceph-client             regular
ceph-mon:mon                             ceph-mon:mon                                   ceph                    peer
ceph-mon:osd                             ceph-osd:mon                                   ceph-osd                regular
ceph-mon:radosgw                         ceph-radosgw:mon                               ceph-radosgw            regular
ceph-radosgw:cluster                     ceph-radosgw:cluster                           swift-ha                peer
cinder-ceph:ceph-access                  nova-compute:ceph-access                       cinder-ceph-key         regular
cinder-ceph:storage-backend              cinder:storage-backend                         cinder-backend          subordinate
cinder:cinder-volume-service             nova-cloud-controller:cinder-volume-service    cinder                  regular
cinder:cluster                           cinder:cluster                                 cinder-ha               peer
glance:cluster                           glance:cluster                                 glance-ha               peer
glance:image-service                     cinder:image-service                           glance                  regular
glance:image-service                     nova-cloud-controller:image-service            glance                  regular
glance:image-service                     nova-compute:image-service                     glance                  regular
keystone:cluster                         keystone:cluster                               keystone-ha             peer
keystone:identity-service                ceph-radosgw:identity-service                  keystone                regular
keystone:identity-service                cinder:identity-service                        keystone                regular
keystone:identity-service                glance:identity-service                        keystone                regular
keystone:identity-service                neutron-api:identity-service                   keystone                regular
keystone:identity-service                nova-cloud-controller:identity-service         keystone                regular
keystone:identity-service                openstack-dashboard:identity-service           keystone                regular
mysql:cluster                            mysql:cluster                                  percona-cluster         peer
mysql:shared-db                          cinder:shared-db                               mysql-shared            regular
mysql:shared-db                          glance:shared-db                               mysql-shared            regular
mysql:shared-db                          keystone:shared-db                             mysql-shared            regular
mysql:shared-db                          neutron-api:shared-db                          mysql-shared            regular
mysql:shared-db                          nova-cloud-controller:shared-db                mysql-shared            regular
mysql:shared-db                          openstack-dashboard:shared-db                  mysql-shared            regular
neutron-api:cluster                      neutron-api:cluster                            neutron-api-ha          peer
neutron-api:neutron-api                  nova-cloud-controller:neutron-api              neutron-api             regular
neutron-api:neutron-plugin-api           neutron-gateway:neutron-plugin-api             neutron-plugin-api      regular
neutron-api:neutron-plugin-api           neutron-openvswitch:neutron-plugin-api         neutron-plugin-api      regular
neutron-gateway:cluster                  neutron-gateway:cluster                        quantum-gateway-ha      peer
neutron-gateway:juju-info                ntp:juju-info                                  juju-info               subordinate
neutron-gateway:quantum-network-service  nova-cloud-controller:quantum-network-service  quantum                 regular
neutron-openvswitch:neutron-plugin       nova-compute:neutron-plugin                    neutron-plugin          subordinate
nova-cloud-controller:cluster            nova-cloud-controller:cluster                  nova-ha                 peer
nova-compute:cloud-compute               nova-cloud-controller:cloud-compute            nova-compute            regular
nova-compute:compute-peer                nova-compute:compute-peer                      nova                    peer
nova-compute:juju-info                   ntp:juju-info                                  juju-info               subordinate
ntp:ntp-peers                            ntp:ntp-peers                                  ntp                     peer
openstack-dashboard:cluster              openstack-dashboard:cluster                    openstack-dashboard-ha  peer
rabbitmq-server:amqp                     cinder:amqp                                    rabbitmq                regular
rabbitmq-server:amqp                     glance:amqp                                    rabbitmq                regular
rabbitmq-server:amqp                     neutron-api:amqp                               rabbitmq                regular
rabbitmq-server:amqp                     neutron-gateway:amqp                           rabbitmq                regular
rabbitmq-server:amqp                     neutron-openvswitch:amqp                       rabbitmq                regular
rabbitmq-server:amqp                     nova-cloud-controller:amqp                     rabbitmq                regular
rabbitmq-server:amqp                     nova-compute:amqp                              rabbitmq                regular
rabbitmq-server:cluster                  rabbitmq-server:cluster                        rabbitmq-ha             peer

You are indeed using Ceph and are also are using it to back Cinder.

I see that you have one ceph-osd unit (ceph-osd/6) but that is containerised. Generally, for Charmed OpenStack, almost every application can be containerised with the exception of nova-compute and ceph-osd. You should therefore remove that unit (juju remove-unit ceph-osd/6) and redeploy onto an available physical machine.

Please specify the block device on the machine you are adding. This device needs to be known to the ceph-osd application (via the osd-devices option). The option can be configured post-deploy.

how to add sir?

juju add-unit --1 ceph-osd ???

If you have but one machine available then Juju will “grab it” by default. Otherwise you’ll need to target it via the --to <machine>.maas option or a constraint such as a MAAS tag (--constraints tags=<blah>). The tag is added to the machine in MAAS.

So assuming the single-machine-available scenario you would add it like this:

juju add-unit ceph-osd

What block device (e.g. /dev/sdb) on the new machine do you want to use for storage?


already the server has deployed i am not able to attach disk huge size disk, and block devices is /dev/sda

What Juju machine id does it have (e.g. 0, 1, etc)?

When you determine that, let’s look at its devices:

juju ssh <id> sudo lsblk

Sir please find details and i destroy and re-installing openstack using manual and i did not connect to storage server after its gets completed i will try to add juju add-unit Hp-storage ceph-osd

root@maassrv:~# juju ssh 0 sudo lsblk

loop0    7:0    0  61.8M  1 loop /snap/core20/1081
loop1    7:1    0  32.3M  1 loop /snap/snapd/13170
loop2    7:2    0  67.3M  1 loop /snap/lxd/21545
loop3    7:3    0  72.6M  1 loop /snap/lxd/21723
sda      8:0    0 111.8G  0 disk
sdb      8:16   0 111.8G  0 disk
├─sdb1   8:17   0   512M  0 part /boot/efi
└─sdb2   8:18   0 111.3G  0 part /
Connection to closed.

It looks like this server has device /dev/sda available with a capacity of 112 GiB. However, you mentioned 70 TiB in your original post.

Dear sir,

this is main storage what i want attach to openstack


that is another server details

i am re deploying again using manual installations now Only i need use this command for that storage juju add-unit Hp-storage ceph-osd ?? or something else ??

Thanks. So what you want to do is deploy a ceph-osd unit onto the target machine. However, you said that the output (screenshot) is for “another server”. We need to know precisely which server we are deploying onto. Let’s assume it is the MAAS node named HP-storage.maas

In the manual install steps I would install the first ceph-osd unit in this way:

juju deploy --config ceph-osd.yaml --to HP-storage.maas ceph-osd

Where file ceph-osd.yaml contains the configuration:

  osd-devices: /dev/sda
  source: cloud:focal-wallaby

Alternatively, you can create a “tag” in the MAAS web UI like ceph-osd-hp, assign it to the server, and then:

juju deploy --config ceph-osd.yaml --constraints tags=ceph-osd-hp ceph-osd

Normally we want more than one OSD storage node however.

If you had three identical HP servers tagged in this way then you could add multiple with one invocation:

juju deploy -n 3 --config ceph-osd.yaml --constraints tags=ceph-osd-hp ceph-osd

To scale out manually using other available servers:

juju add-unit ceph-osd

If two are available:

juju add-unit -n 2 ceph-osd

If these other servers have different block devices (e.g. /dev/sdb) then just alter the ceph-osd application’s configuration by changing this line in the ceph-osd.yaml file:

  osd-devices: /dev/sda /dev/sdb

Note that the ceph-osd charm will not overwrite a disk currently in use.

Then apply the configuration change (the new units will be notified automatically):

juju config --file ceph-osd.yaml ceph-osd

When it comes time to deploy ceph-mon, make sure you set option expected-osd-count appropriately where the count is the sum of all block devices used as OSD disks in the Ceph cluster (you can have more than one OSD per server).


I tired to deploy and giving this error

juju deploy --config ceph-osd.yaml --constraints tags=ceph-osd-hp ceph-osd Located charm “ceph-osd” in charm-hub, revision 509 Deploying “ceph-osd” from charm-hub charm “ceph-osd”, revision 509 in channel stable ERROR cannot add application “ceph-osd”: application already exists: deploy application using an alias name, or use remove-application to remove the existing one and try again root@maassrv:~# juju deploy ./ --config ceph-osd.yaml --constraints tags=ceph-osd-hp ceph-osd ERROR options provided but not supported when deploying a bundle: --config, --constraints root@maassrv:~# juju deploy --config ceph-osd.yaml --constraints tags=ceph-osd-hp ceph-osd Located charm “ceph-osd” in charm-hub, revision 509 Deploying “ceph-osd” from charm-hub charm “ceph-osd”, revision 509 in channel stable ERROR cannot add application “ceph-osd”: application already exists: deploy application using an alias name, or use remove-application to remove the existing one and try again root@maassrv:~# juju deploy --config ceph-osd.yaml ceph-osd Located charm “ceph-osd” in charm-hub, revision 509 Deploying “ceph-osd” from charm-hub charm “ceph-osd”, revision 509 in channel stable ERROR cannot add application “ceph-osd”: application already exists: deploy application using an alias name, or use remove-application to remove the existing one and try again

Sir i tired to add Hp-storage server but its taking another hard disk i just use this command juju add-unit ceph-osd after that and i added nova compute now i not able see 61.Tb storage please find below screenshot

ceph-osd is already deployed to your model as “ceph-osd”.


juju add-unit ceph-osd --to HP-storage 
juju config ceph-osd osd-devices="/dev/sdb"

Where: HP-storage is the name of the storage machine and /dev/sdb is the 68T storage device .

I have some concern over the deployment though. Assuming this is the only object storage device; if the HP-storage server were to reboot or crash, all storage requests would be halted. Crashing all instances in the cloud and potentially corrupting data.

(What’s not immediately clear is) If there the are other osd-devices smaller than 68T, you’ll probably run into an issue where those ceph-osd become full before 68T volume which will put that whole pool in read only mode anyway :scream:

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