Accessing the Kubeflow dashboard from other devices locally

Hello guys,

I just followed this guide to install kubeflow also this guide to install OpenLDAP.

I want to access the Kubeflow dashboard URL ( locally from other devices in the network, any help?

I’ve been looking for answers on this for ~6 months with no luck. My guess is that Canonical wants people to pay for production support, or there’s no support available for production deployments of charmed Kubeflow.

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Hi @ahmed-alqulayti,

Sorry you’re having trouble. This is a tough one to give guidance on, because it really depends on your setup. Essentially what you’re looking to do is expose a service from the k8s cluster on your machine to the open network, and then connect to it from elsewhere. That really varies depending on what you’re running (local machine with ubuntu, vm in aws, etc).

this guide describes setting up remote access, but I know it hasn’t worked for everyone. We plan to write up something more substantial to help with this, but there’s a good chance it wont perfectly apply to your situation just because of all the different variables.

In the interim, I suggest looking is looking into the generic question of how to expose a service from your local kubernetes to your wider network. I think that’s the question you really need solved here, and that you’d have a better chance of getting a solution than waiting for us to make a specific guide.

Kind of related, for Kubeflow 1.7 (release ~March 2023) the istio gateway charm will add support for using a NodePort rather than just a loadbalancer. That might also make things a bit easier to expose Kubeflow to a small number of users on the network. We plan to make a guide for this after release, but the testing instructions in the PR will give a bare bones description of how to use in the interim.