Wrong published dates on charmhub.io

Looking at the LXD charm page, we see multiple revisions:

It says that latest/edge rev 329 was published on May 6th however that is not right. That rev was published on July 11th, as visible on charm-lxd-edge : LXD Charm : LXD Charm

Downloading the charm package (juju download --arch armhf --channel edge lxd) and comparing the src/charm.py with what’s in git, confirms the publication date of July 11th.

Hello Simon,

Thanks for the detailed report, would you mind filing a bug with this information at https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapstore-server-suite/+filebug ?

I can confirm your findings by looking at the API response


Thanks Guillermo, filled here: Bug #2036282 “Wrong published dates on charmhub.io” : Bugs : Snap Store Server I marked it as affecting the snap store server, please correct me if that’s wrong.


Thanks! we will try to work on a fix as soon as possible


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